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Why You Should Not Eat the Hot Shrimp at Your Super Bowl Party

It's time for that first big party of the new year... the Super Bowl party. There is nothing worse than getting sick at a party. The...

Chick-fil-A tests its first plant-based sandwich

The Atlanta chain said Thursday that it's testing its first plant-based entrée __ a breaded cauliflower sandwich __ at restaurants in Denver; Charleston, South Carolina; and...

Ask A Texan: What Are Appropriate (And Tasty) Chili Fixins?

Here in Texas, we love our chili, especially on a cold day. Texans are famously anti-beans in chili, although I know many Texans who do, in...

Homemade Orecchiette with Broccoli Rabe | Missy Robbins and Talia Baiocchi

If you've ever wanted to know anything about making pasta, look no further than Missy Robbins' book, titled (you guessed it!) Pasta. Suffice it to say,...

It’s National Pizza Day—Check out these 15 gadgets and services to have the perfect pizza right at home

Celebrate National Pizza Day 2023 with gadgets like pizza ovens and pizza cutters, along with services like Goldbelly food delivery.

A variety of foods for watching the game

With the Kansas City Chiefs playing in the 2023 Super Bowl this Sunday, I cannot pass up the opportunity to talk up some game-watching recipes that...

UN eyes revival of millets as global grain uncertainty grows

RUSHINGA, Zimbabwe (AP) — While others in her Zimbabwean village agonize over a maize crop seemingly headed for...

Buffalo wings expected to ‘fly’ during Sunday’s big game in Arizona

ARLINGTON, Va. (DC News Now) — Chicken wings are typically a big seller at Ragtime Restaurant — but a lot more are expected to be sold...

The Ideal Dough Consistency For Successful Danish Butter Cookies

The iconic blue tin filled with Danish butter cookies is a household staple every holiday season, but that doesn't mean these cookies can't be enjoyed year-round....

Shoppers react after Walmart announces closure of three suburban stores

The reason for the Homewood location closure?...

Here are the most popular Super Bowl foods, according to Google searches

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Anyone planning to have friends over for the Super Bowl knows the menu is just as important as the big game. From...

February 9 Is National Pizza Day – Check Out The Deals & Freebies Going On!

National Pizza Day is February 9th and what better way to celebrate with some deals and freebies! Check out the deals below:. 7-Eleven -...

Is there really a risk in eating runny eggs?

We've all heard that there is...

The reason China used a spy balloon to collect intelligence

The world got a closer look at the Chinese...

Super Bowl steak pinwheels: Meat expert Pat LaFrieda’s recipe is ‘deceptively simple’

The best part about this recipe? The pinwheels look like they would be challenging to create, but in reality they're "deceptively simple."

Hawaiian Host Unveils Valentine’s Day Boxes

Hawaiian Host is feeling the love! It’s offering Valentine’s Day boxes for that special someone in your life....

“It’s Probably The Meal I Make Most Often”: People Are Sharing Their Favorite Low-Maintenance, Extremely Satisfying Meals

"It’s easy and quick to make, and it's always my go to food when I’m feeling down."

‘Top Chef’ host predicts changes to the restaurant industry with potential gas stove ban

“Top Chef” host Tom Colicchio predicted that stove manufacturers would likely start accommodating chefs who want to incorporate induction burners into their kitchens amid talk of a ban on gas stoves. 

Anti-DUI Saturation Patrols Planned Countywide on Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl celebrants planning to consume alcoholic beverages during the big game Sunday should stay off Riverside County roads unless they're sober, or else they could be arrested in any

Recipes from Chiefs, Eagles stadiums for Super Bowl LVII

Kansas City Chiefs and Eagles fans can add Arrowhead and Lincoln Financial Field favorites to Super Bowl parties with recipes from Aramark.

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